• Churros with caramel
  • Hot corn on stick
  • Mexican style hot dog

Doggos Gus

Our Story

While still in College, Gus and his buddies would take every opportunity to travel in to Mexico, a favorite destination due to the variety of authentic “Mexican Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs.” AKNA “tj hot dogs or sonoran hot dogs”. During their many visits to Mexico they would travel by car throughout the border towns of Tijuana and Mexicali in search of this bacon wrapped beauty. It was not uncommon for the group to take a short flight into Guadalajara or a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, making the best use of their Summer Vacation. Where again they would go in search of and enjoy “Traditional Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs.” This was the opportunity to forget about college, have a great time and focus the mind on the delicious hot dogs with a variety of toppings from grilled onions, mushrooms, guacamole, chipotle, beans, bacon and many more making every hot dog experience unique and fun!

Gus spent his summers mastering his hot dog gourmets techniques from authentic mobile carts and experts in hot dog industry at Guadalajara, Jalisco. Several years later, he returned to Mission Bay, San Diego. On summer days, after boating the waters on the bay, he would only dream in a mexican gourmet hot dogs business. After participating in different farmers markets and multiple San Diego events Gus opened his first hot dog business mobile stand in San Diego, CA in the early summer of 2010. Since that day back in 2010, Gus, with the help of a lot of great people, has sold thousands of hot dogs. You can find the original Gus serving Mexican Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Hot dogs on his Farmers Markets around San Diego.

In addition to the World Famous Mexican Hot dog, Doggos Gus’s also offers other signature menu items including: Agua Fresca’s Horchata, mexican chips and desserts. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality and freshness. Freshly made salsas, beans, and gourmet bread are a cornerstone of Doggos Gus. All our turkey sausage and turkey bacon all grilled to perfection over the griddle. You even get a free smile with every one of our Famous Mexican Hotdogs. Heeechaaaloo!!!